Phillies in best position for Jose Reyes…

OK, before i state a case i would like to point out that the Philadelphia Phillies possess the best record in baseball right now. Speculation is only getting stronger by the day as the trade deadline approaches.

First, the Phillies are in need of a consistent “rigt handed” bat. Second the Phillies overall team avg. is good enough for 20th in the majors, not to mention they are 17th in hits and 18th in HR’s. The play isn’t consistent enough to be completely convincing. Our pitching is keeping us afloat and that could be a liability come playoff time. I also believe Roy Oswalt is trade bait and will land us a big break in acquiring Jose Reyes. Now Oswalt isn’t the only piece we will have to give for Reyes I believe they can get more somewhere if the Phillies aren’t on their “A” negotiation game. John Mayberry &  a couple of our farm system players would be exactly what the Mets want in a trade that contains Roy Oswalt also. Doing this will give the Mets the flexibility at the end of the year by dropping off Oswalt and Ibanez’s contracts. Aside from me i havent heard Reyes and Beltran’s names mention together in one trade.  This trade “could” go many ways (maybe even a blockbuster deal for key players from both teams) but that’s another subject. Reyes will add a completely scary dynamic to Philadelphia’s team if they get him, they will then have 3 switch hitters in the lineup (Victorino, Rollins, Reyes) in addition to Reyes hitting .355 this year (the bat Manuel craves for) . Can you imagine… Reyes leadoff, Rollins, Polanco, Howard, Utley, Victorino, Dom Brown, Carlos Ruiz, starting pitcher. I’d switch Reyes to the left or right field and enjoy my stay on top for the rest of the year.